Monday, October 22, 2012

G-D Has Harkened

The Promises of the Divine Creator are sure and have been established as perpetual Promises and Covenants forever!  I AM G-D and I change not!  The Promise is the same!  The Covenants are the same and they are all irrevocable and immutable. The Promise is still the same spiritual Promise of Inheritance! The Covenant of Circumcision is still a Covenant of Circumcision of the “flesh”--The flesh of the heart of man

In these troubled times, many have come against our Brothers the Ishmaelites.  This is because the majority of us really do not understand our place and purpose in life or in the Kingdom.  Unlike Christianity, neither Judaism nor Islam denies salvation to those outside of its fold who are observers of the Covenants or the Divine Laws that protect the Covenants.  It is through the observance of Divine Law of which the Promises endows one with Salvation under the so-called Sinai Covenant (Covenant of Circumcision). These Covenants pointed to the time of restoration and transformation. These Covenants are the foundations of and inaugurate the New Covenant or ‘codicil’ Will, through spiritual obedience and circumcision.  It was these Original Foundations of Covenants that came down through godly men and women of old Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of which Christianity was founded. The Covenants contained in the Wills or Testaments has been the source of serious dispute, controversy and misinterpretation in Christianity since its inception as taught by Paul in Galatians.  Therefore, whether it is a Covenant of Sinai or a Covenant of Grace both are Covenant Promises that are protected by Divine Law.

The  “good” Sects of Islam must be clearly distinguished from the so-called “bad” Sects.  Just as Christians distinguish one denomination (sect) from another; one religion from another, one cult from another, one occult from another.  Just as Jews distinguish various branches and practices of Judaism, we must all be cognizant of and accept our Brothers way of life.

Many of us have become like Sarai, we are barren in a society where everyone wants to manifest Light, Revelation and many an anointing. We are all seeking Truth unaware that we all have truths that will fit into the Whole that would make all things complete and unified.  I like to use the analogy of this World being a picture puzzle and that we are all a piece of the puzzle.  In order for the picture to become whole and visibly complete, each of us must put our puzzle piece into its place.  Many are at a loss as to how to accomplish this. Most disconcerting is that many reject the real Light for that of which they think is the light that only they have!   Just as many reside in a beastly or unregenerate mindset of antichrist because of a lack of knowing what antichrist really is! 

Many Christians think that antichrist is one man!  They think that this man will fool all into false beliefs and going to a hell etc. While the latter half is absolutely correct, the antichrist will “male desolate”, ‘think to change times and Laws’, speak boastful things against the Way, Truth and the Elect. It is all those who are antichrist who make many think and believe that they cannot dwell in heaven right now, therefore, many are already living in hell. Many are unaware that anything or anyone who comes against the “Testimony of Christ” (the Spirit of Prophecy) and who are disobedient to Divine Law, these are they who are  antichrist!  Antichrist is NOT one person!  Antichrist is a false System of beliefs and those whose mind dwells within the unregenerate, unrenewed mind and nature of a flesh-man. Specifically, those who teaches against the Inheritance of Christhood or ‘putting on the Mind of Christ’; those who teaches the doctrines of demons, a devil and satan; those who teaches that Heaven is a faraway place and that one must die to go there!  These are antichrist concepts conjured up by those of whose mind have not been renewed, still residing in the ‘old man’ nature and Principles.  One is either antichrist or a Christ!  Christhood and having the Mind of Christ is a spiritual concept that we all must embrace!  Christhood is what the Cross is all about.

Many think that life is all about an anointing therefore, they live a life seeking to receive the anointing in their lives.  In their quest for the anointing, which comes with a renewed mind and as one walk in Christhood, they leave the weightier matters undone. One walking in Christhood will hear and be pliable to Spirit that prompts and prepares one for the placing of the Foundation and Corners of the puzzle.  In order that their piece of the puzzle can be placed in its rightful place, the foundation must be placed and joined together.  Therefore, many think that to seek the anointing is the thing they should do as a sign of their holiness.  However, they often reject and have overlooked the very concepts and Principles that will bring the anointing in their lives that of which would help them to find their place in the Whole. 

Some reject Truth by holding onto hate, biases, false teachings, headstrong ideas, the misconceptions and the traditions of men erroneously taught in Christendom today. Every human on the face of this earth is seeking to be fruitful and productive. Growth into maturity is a part of our inherent nature to fulfill our mission in life.  Yet many have strayed away from the Original Covenant of Promise expecting to enter into their Promise Land and to receive their inheritance without the wilderness experience. We do not want to wait and go through the dissembling and growth process that it takes for us to produce that of which we were promised. We are an instant society of acclimation to technology, wanting everything fast and right now.  We become acclimated to the media’s misjudgments of certain targeted peoples to perpetuate a false belief, worldly belief and that of wanting things right now.  Many are they who have been ‘saved’ for three perhaps four years thinking that they belong in the Five-Fold Ministry (Foundation Stones) or they went to seminary for four years to receive a degree becoming acclimated to the biases perpetuated within Western Christianity. 

They are taught and think that when Spirit was calling them into another realm of spiritual growth that they were being called into ministry or to serve within the Apostolic Order.  Yet many of these have not accepted True Salvation which would reveal to them their place, that is, where to put their piece of the puzzle!  The picture, however, will become complete! Spirit will reveal that there is a picture even to those who reject the foundations and corners of the picture along with their piece of the puzzle. Just pray that you are one who receives this knowledge before you waste away coming to the end of your life believing  that which is antichrist . The most important issues are to identify one’s inheritance and walk in it.  Continued in Part II

Apostle Rubie James

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